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First Presbyterian
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PCU begun after Dr.Kefa completed his Theological studies at Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS) in Philladelphia PA, kefa was a prominent Pentecostal preacher in the late 60's before his exile, and due to Amin's brutal regime, Kefa was exiled in the middle 70's and went to USA via Netherlands. In march 1979 he was privileged to be among the people that were selected during the MOSHI conference in Tanzania to form the Interim government, and in May of the same year Idi Amin’s government was flushed out and Kefa returned to Uganda as a deputy Minister for Rehabilitation.

As a member of the Interim government he found him self faced with a number of challenges namely the revitalization of the Orphanage, and for the creation of a Reformed Community in Uganda which was lacking till First Pres started.
Through a small discipleship group which he started in the former International Hotel, grew a Presbyterian Church, which has now over 80 congregations, 5 presbyteries and a vibrant General Assembly.